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New construction

La Safor Consultancy is able to offer a comprehensive design service including carrying out detailed measure and level surveys of the land of the proposed works and/or property; preparing drawings and preparing sketch plans and elevations. Each stage is carried out in consultation with the client, including alternative designs and construction approaches until a final design is agreed. La Safor Consultancy is often called upon to provide unique design approaches. We pride ourselves in merging tradition with technology to provide the design that clients can be proud of.

La Safor Consultancy can be used by you as a means of interpreting your requirements from an idea to a reality. The consultant with his local knowledge, imagination, design skill and technical ability will make the most out of the space provided using practical, economic materials and ideas to create building services which will satisfy your requirements.

From your dream to reality


La Safor Consultancy will be able to develop any project making the most of the site constraints within your budget. We will develop solutions within your budget which are practical and we will be able to search for the right builder and tradesmen thereby ensuring that your work undertaken is completed to a high standard by competent, professional tradesmen.


La Safor Consultancy will help you to formulate your brief and guide you through the complex procedures of gaining planning recommendations and Spanish building regulation approval. Throughout the building project La Safor Consultancy will monitor the program, forecast the expenditure and implement the necessary liaison with the contractor to ensure the smoothest running of the project. There may be problems but La Safor Consultancy will be there to resolve these on your behalf, quickly and with minimal fuss.


La Safor Consultancy pay great attention to detail and will try to save you money by making your building efficient to construct, maintain and run. In many instances, especially with alterations and extensions to existing buildings we can often save you the equivalent of their professional fees by means of good design and their knowledge of construction costs.

Where to begin?

If you have a project program and or budget, that would be a bonus but La Safor Consultancy can help your program work and come up with a reasonable budget.

The project needs to be properly designed prior to construction. It should be site specific, which is designed to fit the site it sits on, and should suit the needs and desires of the owner. The design process takes everything into account before construction. It's not about trying to figure things out after you build it. Trying to save on design fees normally ends up costing the owner more during construction, so it’s best to do it well the first time around.


Below are just some items you may want to keep in mind when renovating/ extending a home. In extensions or renovations of an existing structure, be it a house or a commercial building , you should always anticipate problems.

Stop a moment and think about it. Do you know how your home was built or what is exactly in the walls or under your floors? Are the foundations of standard construction? Are there signs of any movement showing?

Older homes


In older homes, you may have more surprises. If planning on a remodel you need to have a contingency plan. Basically you need to budget for problems occurring and not just the construction of the intended design. Your design professional can research or do some exploratory research during the course of design but unless they are actually ripping entire walls, etc. out, there really is no way to see what potential problems are hidden within your house.

An experienced design professional can help guide you through the process but unless they have x-ray vision there's no way anyone can anticipate every single problem that could occur.

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