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Solar Systems

In many rural areas here in Spain there is limited or quite often no grid availability. In this case you will most probably want to install a home solar system.This type of solar electrical system requires the monitoring of your energy use to make sure you have enough energy to get you through the day.

It is therefore extremely important that before anything is installed, our professional solar energy technician visits you and assess your home for the proper type of installation which you will need –  He will also consult on some of the following things:

* How much sun will you have during the day.
* Where will the system be placed (on the roof or on the ground)
* How big will the system need to be to satisfy your energy needs?
* How can you optimize the safety and functionality of the system once installed?

Once you have gone over these things, and the solar engineer has recommended the best solar system for your residential needs, the solar panel installation process can begin. Our systems are completely automated and extremely efficient, using the latest technology and Lithium Ion batteries.


We also have many clients who have had our systems installed, should you wish to talk directly with them.

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