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Swimming pools

Option One:    


Our Swimming Pool cleaning consists of 1 weekly visit every week, all year round. (Recommended for your holiday home)


Option Two:     


Our Swimming Pool cleaning consist of 2 weekly visits in the summer months from the end of June to the end of August, then 1 weekly visit from September through to June. (Recommended for your home, or a holiday home that you occasionally rent out)

The cleaning service consists of:


• Skim and net pool surface  

• Brush pool side walls

• Cleaning under lip / Border tiles

• Empty skimmer basket

• Vacuum swimming pool floor

• Empty pump basket

• Backwash main filter

• Chemical testing & adding chemicals when required

• Topping up your swimming pool


Most, if not all swimming pool problems are a result of inadequate pool water maintenance. Regular testing and correction of the pool water chemistry will ensure you a low-maintenance, sparkling, clean swimming pool all year round. You will also save money on chemicals by preventing situations requiring expensive treatment such as chlorine shock treatment and the use of anti algaecides. Very often an imbalance in the pool water or harmful organisms are not visible and their results not immediately apparent; the importance of monitoring the swimming pool water cannot be stressed enough.


 After all, our health and the health of our families are at risk.

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